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Craftsmanship & Quality

Yadu Metals is a well-known name in the market, given to its impressive collection of garden accessories, iron products and brass products like as Hanging Lamps, Decorative Hanging Lamp. We are serving customers from different regions, as they are attracted not only to our show stealing decorative products, but our policies, product prices, flexibility, payment options, ability to timely complete tasks and business ethics. The decorative items are shaped in our facility by experts blending the old school practice and latest designs.

What makes our handmade crafts different are the intricate details, classic lines and contemporary interpretation. These timeless decorative items have luxury appeal, for their glossy finish and unique details. Every piece can be blended in existing environments. Our products showcase the talent and craftsmanship of our experts.

Strategically Located

We are located in a city of metal crafters, who can execute artistic designs in metals, like iron, white metal and brass. The workforce is easily available in the city, plus there are suppliers of brass, and other metal sheets. The transportation facility is excellent, whether road or rail. We supply our range to customers in different cities and towns in India by taking the shortest routes. The state and national highways that pass through or connected with the city are State Highway 78, State Highway 76. State Highway 49, State Highway 43, National Highway 24 and National Highway 509. Through these highways, we can easily connect to customers in Haridwar, Bijnor, Amroha, Lucknow, New Delhi,  Rampur, Agra, Aligarh, and Kanpur.

Location Advantage

Metal crafts have been embedded as a tradition and culture within the people of Moradabad for a long time. People worldwide value Indian craft and there are people who are making efforts to preserve the craft. The city generating employment for metal crafters like as Hanging Lamps, Decorative Hanging Lamp is retaining interest in new generation.